Is it spring yet?

The rain finally stopped and I got a chance to take the little dog for a long awaited (on his part) walk around the neighborhood. Had to go back to get the camera and did a second loop. It does look like spring, doesn't it?

This is the only blossom on a camellia I've had for several years. Never bloomed until this year.

Any guesses what this is?
Okay, it's rosemary with beautiful blue flowers. I usually rub my fingers over the plant to pick up the scent.

And these are some of the last lemons growing now. Several of the other trees got hit very hard by the heavy frosts we had this past winter. I may actually have to go out and - gasp - buy lemons!


Katie B said...

It looks warm there.....
:::: sigh ::::

on the other hand, your pictures are nice -- made me want to reach out and grab the fruit!

Anonymous said...

Flowers! We have no flowers here, nothing!

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me, but I kept forgetting to tell you that the heart bead arrived safe and sound in the fantastic little blue bag you made. I'm not sure which I like better, the bead or the bag!
And on a secondnote, I hate you (not really) they are predicting 4-8 inches of snow in the next 36 hours and the temp won't get out of the 20's.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Would you (and anybody else on the East Coast) feel any better if I told you it's raining buckets (and has been raining off an on for weeks now) and we're still facing a drought and water restrictions this summer?