Remembering Henry

The fourth anniversary of Henry's death is coming up next week Sunday - on Mother's Day of all days. I've been meaning to make a slide show of some of the photos I have of him and finally buckled down today and did it. It took me hours and I'm sure I lost quite a few days of my life to this, but it's finally done.
I have ideas (and pictures) for two more videos and I'll try to get to them over the next week. I've even had certain songs in mind all along, but, listening to one of them last weekend, I realized that Janis Joplin maybe isn't quite right after all.



This is soooo San Francisco:



This just kind of leaves me speechless

This was in the Marin Independent Journal yesterday, 2 days after yet another person jumped (and, luckily, survived) a jump from the bridge.

Here's a quote from that article:
"Any time we can make safety improvements we will look closely at making changes," said Mary Currie, bridge district spokeswoman.

Any guesses what it's about? No, not a suicide barrier .......



Follow-up on yesterday's link


According to various news outlets, this was a suicide attempt. The girl was walking on the bridge with her parents and sister and handed the sister a suicide note before she jumped.
Details in the article.


Another jumper survives


This is just one of dozens of links to news outlets I found this morning while searching for "16-year-old girl survives fall from Golden Gate Bridge." The third link was to my local newspaper.
Since this is the second time in two months there has been wide-spread reporting of people jumping and surviving, I thought it was finally time to write to my local editor yet again.
It bothers me greatly that there are reports when somebody survives but hardly any when somebody dies. Hence my letter. Who's to say this won't inspire copycats?
Let's see if he'll print it. This is a new editor, the old one (sort of) knew me.



No, don't cue the Beatles song. It's not that sort of post.
I thought I was finally ready to read Henry's emergency room report. So, I dug out the envelope yesterday and opened it and pulled out the thick wad of papers all the while dreading what might be there.
I didn't get far, leafed through it, got hung up on word I didn't know, found the bit about "blunt force trauma to the left side" and decided to abandon the whole thing.
Obviously, in order to really understand everything, I'd need the help of somebody either in the medical profession or very familiar with medical jargon. That part wouldn't be a problem. What will be a problem is the lack of a thick skin. Wish one could grow those.