Gone for a bit

I read somewhere recently that it's nice blog etiquette to leave a note if you're not going to be posting for a while.
So, this is my note - the recent computer crash threw me more than expected, I'm not creating anything - except messes around the house. Other events are bothering me more than they should.
So, until I have something interesting to show, I'm taking a bit of a break. I will be back, though - really.


Drugs at Napa schools

This was on the front page of the local newspaper today. Wish it had been 2 years ago and wish that the school Henry attended had a police officer on campus like the public schools do. Might have just made the difference.

Working to keep drugs off campus Napa Valley Register


Utterly frustrated

Yesterday morning, when I tried to boot up the computer, nothing happened. Considering that computers are not my friends, I turned the whole thing over to DH who ran some kind of recovery program - three times. Short version: our computer crashed and we lost everthing that was on it. All my links are gone for the time being (those I can retrieve), all my pictures are gone (except for the ones on the web; I can get those back and store them in my files again) (thankfully, we had moved all the pictures of Henry onto disks a few weeks ago), all my text documents are gone and those I cannot get back. I had been taking notes in yoga classes for 8 years and faithfully typed up my notes every week - all gone. My journal where I wrote down everything that happened with Henry (and me) - all gone. Some of that I can still remember and I will spend some time trying to type it all up, but a lot of that is gone. The reason I wrote it all down was so I wouldn't have to constantly go over it in my head. Unfortunately, that also meant I tried to forget it afterwards and we'll see how good a job I did.
But, basically, everything that was on that computer is now gone and that's not a good thing.



Maxwell, Sophie, Hank, Chloe & Bruce - don't ask!Sophie & Chloe
Maxwell, Hank & Bruce
Hank & Chloe


Whose Shoes exhibit at the Presidio and in the news

Members of the Bridge Rail Foundation set up the Whose Shoes exhibit at the Presidio. There was a reception last night and a segment on TV:

It's been almost 2 years and these things still make me cry every time.


Bags and more bags

This is what I was doing last week - pictures of this week's sewing adventures to follow.
The patterns are by Rebekah Lambert -
artsy-crafty babe and I obviously liked the first one so much that I made two bags from the same pattern.