Copyright watermark on photos

I just found this:


which explains how to do the above even easier than I've been doing it. This way, the letter size can be adjusted to the size of the individual photo. I've been saving the whole thing as a file and copying and pasting which works, but it's one size and as we all know that does not fit all.
©, BTW, is done by holding down the "alt" key and typing 0169 on the numbers keypad.
My public service announcement for the day ♥

My new favorite bag

Somebody was obviously having too much fun taking self-portraits.
I made this bag a while ago, starting with a pattern I bought on etsy - one of those PDF downloadable files. It looked really cute in the pictures but didn't turn out quite that cute when I was done. Not wanting to waste that fabric, I took the bottom apart and reworked it, adding pleats, and really, really love it. Now it does look cute. It's yet another fairly big bag (I figured out yet again yesterday that I do not do small bags), soft, slouchy, just the way I like them.
I think I'd love it even more if it had an outside pocket, but that'll come with the next incarnation of this bag. Maybe a bottom insert, too. Who knows?
Obviously, the love affair with the pencil skirt continues as well. With the required stomach crunches, not so much.


Golden Gate Bridge event last Sunday

I don't know how to link to a You Tube video so that the actual video shows up here, so you'll just have to make do with this:


Info about it is here on Facebook and I wish I had attended .................


I find it very hard to watch the video without tearing up and I'm so bloody stoic that doesn't happen often.


Flea market - or almost wordless Sunday

I did say "almost wordless" - don't you all think the second dress would make a perfect mother-of-the-bride outfit? Somewhere? Maybe not where I'm going :-)


Which one?

Facebook won't let me upload the above pictures - they are either too tall or too skinny. The pictures, not me, mind you.
So, here they go instead - just for a little while.
Why? Because I have a really hard time deciding which dress to keep. I need something for my daughter's wedding in August and couldn't decide and, therefore, ended up with 3 dresses and one little jacket.
The black one isn't in the running for the wedding at all. I just happen to like it a lot, especially with that little jacket on top. But I also realize that I really do not have many opportunities to wear anything like that - if any.
So, it's really between the blue and the orchid one. My daughter likes blue, I've had several votes for orchid and I haven't a clue. DH is no help, as usual where clothes are concerned.
So, which one should I wear?