Which one?

Facebook won't let me upload the above pictures - they are either too tall or too skinny. The pictures, not me, mind you.
So, here they go instead - just for a little while.
Why? Because I have a really hard time deciding which dress to keep. I need something for my daughter's wedding in August and couldn't decide and, therefore, ended up with 3 dresses and one little jacket.
The black one isn't in the running for the wedding at all. I just happen to like it a lot, especially with that little jacket on top. But I also realize that I really do not have many opportunities to wear anything like that - if any.
So, it's really between the blue and the orchid one. My daughter likes blue, I've had several votes for orchid and I haven't a clue. DH is no help, as usual where clothes are concerned.
So, which one should I wear?


KatieLiz said...

Well, I'm no help, I like both dresses, but don't care for the jacket. I think I favor the blue a bit more.

abeadlady said...

I'm inclined to vote for the blue as well, Doris. Although I also like the orchid.

mjlayman said...

I like the orchid, too, but if your daughter likes blue, I think it looks fine and would make her happy. Plus, you can take Jerry with you!

Doris said...

Thank you all. I still haven't decided - what else is new?
And, no, I cannot take Jerry with me - although he'd make a great ring bearer :-)

Maia said...

I meant to ask last week if you know what color the mother of the groom will be wearing? That might help push the decision one way or the other, if you haven't already decided.