This morning

I don't think this post really requires any words, the pictures are self-explanatory. Lucky shots - I let the dog out early (as always) and saw cobwebs all over the backyard and the deck, grabbed my camera and snapped away. I noticed that none of them were visible any longer when I checked back 45 minutes or so later - all the dew had evaporated.


Anonymous said...

The trial for covering up, etc., the death of Wone in DC? One of the guys insisted the "burgler" came in over the fence, but the detectives found spiderwebs all over the fence.

The detectives think the murderer is actually the brother of one of the guy on trial and that they're covering for him.

I like spiderwebs, and in general, I like spiders.

Katie B said...

Love them!
Don't you just enjoy the times when you can snap whimsical, on the fly pictures?
I do!

Anonymous said...

Katie, what a pun!

-Marilee (won't take my ID!)