Before I forget .......

I took these pictures quite a while ago and put them up on Facebook and forgot to post them here, too. I'm quite proud of the butterfly picture - it's a Western Tiger Swallowtail - and I shot it in the backyard. Just a really lucky shot.
Same thing with the toad. It was sitting on our front lawn. I'd just finished walking the dog and he wanted to go over and say hello. Considering that that thing has enormous claws, I'm glad he didn't.
I'll spare you the pictures of the Dutch Belt cows :-) and there are no flea market pictures this month. Somebody messed up on the settings on the camera and everything (and there would have been some pretty nice ones) turned out completely over-exposed. Oh well. At least, I had a really good lunch - the best pizza ever, wood fired and absolutely delicious!


abeadlady said...

Great pictures, Doris. I took some close-ups of flowers when I was at the coast last week. I need to do more photography.

mjlayman said...

And everything's purple, I like purple!