Today is National Survivors of Suicide Day

And the newspaper printed my letter to the editor (without calling me to verify/confirm the way they usually do):


I'm hoping for a giveaway next but that may or may not coincide with the 200th post.

Off to do two days of chain maille ......


And another one

Here's another bag made from the same pattern as the previous one - a few posts back. This time, I used an older Amy Butler fabric - the outside panels - and combined it with two brand new Sweetwater by Moda fabrics. I already had the newsprint looking fabric (loved it so much, I ordered a couple more yards) and found the center panel fabric on a trip to Healdsburg last weekend.
These bags very enjoyable to sew - no zippers! - and I think there may be more coming. After all, I'm trying to whittle down my stash. And one can never have too many shopping bags, right? And - and I may be alone in thinking that - they look nicer than the ones the stores sell you.


Bridge Rail Foundation Newsletter

The intermission didn't last very long, did it?
Here's the November newsletter from the Bridge Rail Foundation talking about delays and asking for ideas on what to do to speed up the process of getting that barrier built.


Houses in color

Just to show that I have interests other than sewing and suicide, here are some pictures of houses I took a couple of days ago. The two colorful ones are to be found on the way from the library to one of the grocery stores - if one doesn't take the direct route (which I often do) and they are diagonally across from each other on street corners. Nice and colorful, aren't they? Two bright Victorians in a sea of neutral Craftsman bungalows.
The third one is kind of milquetoast by comparison, isn't it?



This morning, I played. I've had this idea of repurposing old blue jeans for quite a while and I wanted to do some kind of simple applique using fusible material. This is it.
I dug really deep into my pile of old blue jeans (I usually donate whatever is still wearable but with these I would have committed crimes against fashion. Can you say peg legs?), cut into them, found nice colorful scraps and sat down with paper and ruler. I can't draw, not at all. So things that cannot be put together with a ruler aren't going to happen here.
And as hard as I tried to do a wonky, crooked and interesting house, I'm having a hard time with those, too. Maybe next time? I know the house looks crooked in the second picture, but it really isn't.
Another thing I've discovered is that I'm only productive and "inventive" in the mornings. Afternoons, I'm useless unless it's routine stuff. Coming up with ideas, trying new things - not going to happen.
I'm obviously also back to bright colors but that's a subject for another blog post.


Stashbuster bag

A bit of occupational therapy this weekend ........ and trying to use up some fabric.

It was 30 months ago today

And you'd think it wasn't a big deal anymore. But there are still days when it seems totally abstract, as if it happened to somebody else and is just the sort of thing you read about. There are still days when I (almost) forget and there are plenty of days, especially lately, when thinking about it just breaks my heart.
One of these days, I just might write it all down - I already have it in journal form. And I sort of did here - Understanding the tragic effects of the drug ecstasy | Napa Valley Register. But that's not the whole story.
But, for now, I've updated my links to include more about suicide awareness and a link about possible warning signs. I also added another link to the drug section, one I found very helpful, about Ecstasy on Wikipedia.



I'm sure my faithful readers (both of them) have noticed that I've changed my blog template and have worked a little on the header. I'm mulling that one over in my mind trying to get it just right but I'm not there yet.
I want to let people know that this is an eclectic blog (very much so) and that I realize my writing about suicide so much is turning quite a few people off. But, you know, it's something I have to do and will continue to do. Because (and here's the answer to my question above) if we/I don't talk about it and make people aware that it can happen to anyone at the drop of a hat, don't look for ways to change things, things will not change for the better.
Not so long ago, cancer was something we didn't talk about. That has changed and with that has come better awareness, better recognition, earlier treatment and saved lives.
Well, it seems that mental illness and suicide are the new cancer. If we don't talk about it, we can pretend it doesn't exist (because it's uncomfortable, isn't it?) and maybe it'll just go away. It won't. Suicide rates are on the rise and the scary thing is suicide completers and attempters are getting younger all the time. Maybe if we address the problem, become more aware, know more about it, learn about the warning signs, we can help. We can help recognize who's at risk, help people get treatment (and there are treatments) and prevent unnecessary deaths. It's worked for cancer, why not for suicide?



It seems as if I've done nothing but sew, take pictures and edit lately. Okay, the last two happened only in the last couple of days, but the sewing has been going on for weeks. All for a custom order and the etsy shop. I spent many, many hours over the last two days listing new bags and I so need a break. Seriously, I - who absolutely love to sew - cannot stand to look at the sewing machine at the moment.
So, a bit of a break is in order. Maybe some chainmaille? Maybe some PMC - my daughter asked for a couple of specific things for Christmas. I really ought to make soap but I can't get myself to do that, either. There'll be some disappointed people this year.
Maybe a good night's sleep, some serious exercise (that's fallen by the wayside, too) and I'll feel differently about the whole thing.



So, I unchained myself from the sewing machine today to visit the Alameda flea market again. It's held on the first Sunday of every month on the old Naval Air Station and it's huge. We've never made it all the way through.
Usually, we end up having to park what seems like miles away but today we got lucky - only about 5 rows from the entrance. And we got there early - right around 9 am (the time change helped) when the price for admission drops to $5.00.

Obviously, I go there to shop, hoping to find "cool stuff" (and I usually do) but I also like to people watch. Today, not so many characters, maybe next time.
Oh yes, and there's food, too. Unfortunately, our favorite sausage seller wasn't there today and even though the mini donuts came highly recommended (freshly made right there), we passed on them.

Some people go there for really serious shopping - see below. Others, not so much.

I finally remembered to bring the camera and took pictures of the cranes and a huge container ship that pulled in as we were shopping.

The field is often used by "Mythbusters" for their stunts involving cars and I'd like to think that the wheelie marks I photographed were made by them. Who knows?