This morning, I played. I've had this idea of repurposing old blue jeans for quite a while and I wanted to do some kind of simple applique using fusible material. This is it.
I dug really deep into my pile of old blue jeans (I usually donate whatever is still wearable but with these I would have committed crimes against fashion. Can you say peg legs?), cut into them, found nice colorful scraps and sat down with paper and ruler. I can't draw, not at all. So things that cannot be put together with a ruler aren't going to happen here.
And as hard as I tried to do a wonky, crooked and interesting house, I'm having a hard time with those, too. Maybe next time? I know the house looks crooked in the second picture, but it really isn't.
Another thing I've discovered is that I'm only productive and "inventive" in the mornings. Afternoons, I'm useless unless it's routine stuff. Coming up with ideas, trying new things - not going to happen.
I'm obviously also back to bright colors but that's a subject for another blog post.


mjlayman said...

I think it's very cute! I'm only creative when I've had enough sleep.

Maia said...

I think it's cute, too! And Doris, pegged pants are back in style, for both boys and girls.

Beady Zoo said...

Cute applique, and great re-use/recycling of old jeans. Love the bright primary colors too. I'm so with you on no drawing skills -- I even find it hard to sketch a bead project idea or basic shape.