It was 30 months ago today

And you'd think it wasn't a big deal anymore. But there are still days when it seems totally abstract, as if it happened to somebody else and is just the sort of thing you read about. There are still days when I (almost) forget and there are plenty of days, especially lately, when thinking about it just breaks my heart.
One of these days, I just might write it all down - I already have it in journal form. And I sort of did here - Understanding the tragic effects of the drug ecstasy | Napa Valley Register. But that's not the whole story.
But, for now, I've updated my links to include more about suicide awareness and a link about possible warning signs. I also added another link to the drug section, one I found very helpful, about Ecstasy on Wikipedia.


mjlayman said...

Two and a half years. You'll probably always feel like this. I like that change in the blog look.

flyingbeader said...

Oh Doris, I just scrolled down & read your message today. I am so very sorry to hear about this & I agree with you that suicide is on the increase. I'm so lucky to have not had a family member complete the act, but I haven't had the luck to not have family members attempt or talk about it. It is scary.

Beady Zoo said...

As a mom, I think it will always be a big deal. How can it not? It may be less painful eventually, but always important.

And so totally normal to have it feel surreal some days, and so close and sharp others. Hugs to you.

Good links about awareness and warning signs. Having gone through suicide attempts and threats with multiple family members, I know home important it is to know this information.