New post

There actually is a post - full of pictures - on the new blog.


New blog

The time has come to split this blog into two (three actually, but that’s a story for another post). For some time now, the posts about suicide awareness and related subjects seem to have taken over and there hasn’t been anything crafty here (and there’s no guarantee that there will be on the other blog anytime soon).

I am not terribly interested in increasing my readership, I do this for myself. I am extremely grateful for the friends who have been there for me all along and I hope they will stay in my life. Unlike so many other bloggers who write to promote a shop of one kind or another or themselves, I write when I feel like it (and that hasn’t been often lately). I was going to go off on a tangent here, but thought it would be more diplomatic to just quit here.

So, from now on, Henry’s Mom’s Musings will stay and will be mainly for suicide awareness and related posts while henry’s mum’s other blog (yes, I know, totally imaginative) will be more fun and light-hearted. As much as I do that sort of thing. As all blogs are, they both are works in progress and we’ll just have to see where it all leads.


Bullying and social climbing

I heard about this on the (local) news this morning, a study done at UC Davis that suggests that it's not the people at the bottom of the social ladder, the disturbed and troubled kids, but the ones busily climbing the social ladder doing the bullying. Who would have thought? And these days, it's less physical and more verbal and, thanks to the internet, anonymous.

The link at the top should work, but just in case it doesn't, here it is again: