An evening with Robin Williams

We lucked out this time and managed to get tickets to see Robin Williams perform at the Napa Opera House. Thursday, when we went, was the third night in a row and we had tickets pretty far in the back because while Larry was trying to buy them, his computer needed to be rebooted. Last time he performed here, the tickets for two performances sold in about 4 minutes and we didn't make it. Not bad, huh? And he doesn't get paid for these performances; all the proceeds go to one of several mostly local charities.
He was funny, of course, and dirty, as expected. Nobody under 16 (or was it 18) was admitted for a pretty good reason. He was very even-handed in making fun of politicians, local issues, people in wine country and Marin County and quite a bit of himself, especially his former drug use and alcoholism. He can do excellent accents (I am so envious) and impersonations and kept it up for almost 2 hours without a break except to have a sip of water here and there.
We'll go again if he decides to perform here again.



I'm sure my faithful readers - both of them - have noticed that I've been AWOL. I needed a bit of a break from the usual things. So, sewing has fallen by the wayside, as has, obviously, blogging. I've been busy, dug out my chain maille a week ago, did some PMC on my own, learned to do Keum Boo and did a fair bit of hiking (and gave myself shin splints again). I have pictures to be edited and posted and it'll happen eventually. But not today.

We hiked down to Kirby Cove last weekend (pictures to follow, but they're up on FB already) and hooked up with several members of the BRF. That's where the shin splints came from - 1 rather steep mile down and then back up. We didn't stay long enough for the equinox celebration, but got to leave some things under and on the prayer tree. Again, pictures to follow.

Here is the link to the latest newsletter from the Bridge Rail Foundation - a few, hopefully, minor setbacks:

BRF_Newsletter_Sept09.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people – 15-24 (accidents and homicides are 1 and 2). It is the 11th leading cause overall and the second leading cause among college students.

10-15% of high school students have considered suicide/have a concrete plan, the number is higher for college students.

Twice as many people die by suicide than from HIV/AIDS.

White males over 85 (I have read 65 in other places) have the highest incidence of suicide. And that's the same in all countries. Methods, though, vary by country.

The availability of a firearm in the household increases the risk twofold.

Doctors complete suicide more often than any other profession and female doctors more often than males.

And it's called "completing" suicide, not "committing." Crimes are committed, suicide isn't a crime, just a very desperate attempt to put an end to what experts call "psychache."

Females attempt suicide twice as often as males, but males complete four times as often.

Substance abuse is a risk factor for suicide, as are certain personality disorders and psychiatric illnesses.

Suicide rates are highest in spring and below average during the holiday season.

There are an estimated 4.5 million survivors of suicide – those left behind after somebody completes suicide.

For every two people who die in a homicide, 3 die by suicide.

In the US, somebody attempts suicide every minute and somebody completes every 17 minutes.

There are fewer suicides among the Hispanic and African American population, maybe due to the family structure. Native Americans, on the other hand, have the highest percentage of suicides (1.5 to 2 times the average), followed by Caucasian men.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the No. 1 suicide spot in the world, less than 2% of jumpers survive.

I am including two links for risk factors/warning signs of suicide:



And, if you are reading this and feel suicidal, please, please get help. Talk to somebody, call the suicide help line:

1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK

1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-825

Suicide is very often an impulsive act and is always, always a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

RIP Henry