I'm sure my faithful readers - both of them - have noticed that I've been AWOL. I needed a bit of a break from the usual things. So, sewing has fallen by the wayside, as has, obviously, blogging. I've been busy, dug out my chain maille a week ago, did some PMC on my own, learned to do Keum Boo and did a fair bit of hiking (and gave myself shin splints again). I have pictures to be edited and posted and it'll happen eventually. But not today.

We hiked down to Kirby Cove last weekend (pictures to follow, but they're up on FB already) and hooked up with several members of the BRF. That's where the shin splints came from - 1 rather steep mile down and then back up. We didn't stay long enough for the equinox celebration, but got to leave some things under and on the prayer tree. Again, pictures to follow.

Here is the link to the latest newsletter from the Bridge Rail Foundation - a few, hopefully, minor setbacks:

BRF_Newsletter_Sept09.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Anonymous said...

Ah, but you're still doing things!

Katie B said...

Missed you !
and I want to hear about Robin Williams !!