Cold turkey ..........

No, unlike John Lennon when he wrote that song, I am not trying to kick a heroin addiction or any other kind of drug, alcohol or nicotine addiction. I'm dealing with something very legal, just fattening - SUGAR.
It's been 6 days since I stopped eating candy (I have a very serious sweet tooth) and I haven't gotten over the cravings yet. But I know myself - moderation doesn't work. It's either all or nothing and so I'm going for nothing (yet again). Having done this before, I know I can and I will do it. The prospect of not having to wear a tent for my mother-of-the-bride dress and not having to hold in my stomach when I hand out scholarships next month is what keeps me going. That and the fact that I already feel better even if I can't see any changes yet.
Used to be that I'd gain a little weight over the holidays, starting at Halloween (because I had to taste test the candy, of course), but I'd be able to get rid of it within weeks once I buckled down to a bit more exercise. Then it took a few months and now it's a real struggle - menopause, ya know?
Since I already made plenty of changes in my diet, this was just the next logical step.


Pepsi Refresh Project

I'm sure by now we've all seen those Pepsi Refresh commercials. Obviously, we all want to save the planet, live as green as possible and support a lot of the projects mentioned there.
Here's a new one: engage high school teachers in teen suicide prevention. The details are in the clickable link up above and everybody can vote (more than once daily).
Obviously, teen suicide prevention is something that's very important to me - I think everybody who reads this blog knows that. So, let me just repeat a few facts:
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers.
One out of every high school students has a suicide plan, the numbers go up in college.
Many, if not most, suicides are impulsive, brought on by something the teenager could most likely deal with at any other time, but not at that moment.
Obviously, mental illness is a factor, as is substance abuse.
But knowing how to recognize the signs of depression, knowing how to deal with it and possible suicidal thoughts would go a long way towards helping.
So, please if you read this, consider voting and if you agree, please repost the link on your blog, Facebook page or wherever you can reach people. Thank you!
Here's the link again: