December newsletter from the Bridge Rail Foundation

The title says it all and it should be clickable, but just in case, it isn't, here's the link:


There's a special note from Kevin Hines who is one of less than 2% to have jumped and survived and an outline of what's going to happen in 2010. Yes, the Bridge Authority has approved a net as a barrier but the money has yet to be found and, if things go the way they always have, it'll just be talk and no action and the issue will fade into the background again. People are still dying at the rate of 30 a year, one every 10 days, 2 or 3 a month. That shouldn't be allowed to continue. Really!


And the winner is ......

..... drum roll, please :-)

Kathy of BeadyZoo.
Please send me your address and I'll get the bag out to you asap.


200 Posts - can you believe it?

I certainly cannot. But, to celebrate and to reward my faithful readers for bearing with me - and I think "bearing with me" is an appropriate term considering the eclectic, very eclectic, nature of my blog - I am having a 200th post giveaway for regular readers only.
I apologize for the crummy picture quality, it's too late in the day for decent light. I hope you can tell that it's one of my shopping bags I'm giving away.
The usual rules apply: leave me a comment on this post and my husband will draw a name later this week. Maybe Friday or Saturday, we'll see. Please make sure to check back to see if you've won. There were winners in previous giveaways I had no way of contacting and they never checked back. Kind of pointless then, isn't it?

And, while I'm at it: a shameless plug for my daughter's etsy shop:
She makes very cute bags from Japanese fabrics and stitch markers for knitters, ranging from cute to elegant.
The image is "borrowed" from her etsy site.

Added quite a bit later: I should have mentioned that I'm also having a giveaway on my facebook fan page: you have to be a fan of Summerfield Designs to enter.