Dear Henry

Dear Henry,

It's been three and a half years today, and it was almost exactly at this time that you died. I still remember it all much too well, that waiting room at San Francisco General, the young doctors and all the other details. The worst day of our lives without doubt.

You're still in my thoughts every day, thankfully not as the first thought of the day, but throughout the day. Good memories and not so good ones. I have your picture right in front of me at the computer, the serious one.

You've missed so much, it's been such a busy year. Good things: Kate got married and it was absolutely beautiful. Wish you could have been there. Not sure you would have enjoyed it, might have had to wear a tux yourself. Dad looked absolutely amazing in his. And Kate was so beautiful, wish you could have seen her. Maybe you did? I don't know.

Not so good things: Grandma died unexpectedly in March and we had a little health scare with Dad. All's well now, but, man that was a bit of a shock.

I'm learning computer things - all by myself, no net, no safety harness, no Henry to help when I get stuck :-) I can make slide shows now, and I have ideas for a few more. Dad and I went to that bridge last week to take a few more pictures for the next one. I know you wouldn't like that, it'll feature you - the Henry I remember didn't like being the center of attention.

We're doing pizza tonight, in your memory. It's a nice way to remember you. We've actually tried out lots of places just with you in mind this summer. I think you'd approve of most of them, maybe not the borderline scuzzy one in Berkeley, but maybe so. The pizza's great.

Miss you lots, as always and wish you'd seen a way out of that situation, something much less drastic.

Much love,


P.S. That may well have been a typo, but it's stuck.

P.P.S. We're almost ready to cancel your phone plan and are thinking of what to do with your car. Moving on ......