Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

Dayna Whitmer of the Bridge Rail Foundation has been working on this website for a long time. She and her family lost Matthew, 20, in November of 2007, but, since no body has ever been found, he is considered a missing person.
I honestly do not know how one can deal with all Dayna has had to go through, but I can well understand why she is doing all that she is doing. As irrational as it sounds and obviously is, I thought for months if I just did the right thing, Henry would be back, or, at least, this hell would be over.
It's amazing what one can learn to live with.


How to be busy all morning ............

............ and still not get anything meaningful, important or fun done.
Get up at 6:45 am to go bicycling in the garage. Read 20 pages of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - okay, so the book was fun.
Take dog for his morning walk. Encounter nice young woman who pets him (he lives for that) and remarks that he looks just like an Ewok.
Take bath.
Start laundry while waiting for tea water to boil.
Wash dishes while waiting for tea to steep.
Eat breakfast - read more of enjoyable book.
Drink tea in front of computer while reading blogs and spending way too much time on facebook harvesting and replanting and trying to figure out who else to invite to be friend on farmville because, in order to expand farm and waste yet more time, need 8 neighbors and only have 5.
Collect mail, check received zippers against ordered zippers and notice discrepancy. Decide to wait until back order comes - too confusing to deal with now.
Try to sort papers and invoices on desk and kitchen table.
Pick out fabric, ribbon and zippers for more bags for etsy.
Give dog bi-weekly bath (he has a skin condition which requires washing with special shampoo which needs to soak in for 10 minutes) and dry him completely. A good (or not so good) 30 minutes gone. While dog is soaking, water potted plants and discover that son's picture is ruined (must have watered frame at one time). Try to remember to later find disc with pictures and print new one.
Try to decide whether to change into dry clothes or just air dry.
Collapse in front of computer and write (sorta unnecessary) blog post.
And that, just about, was my morning and I feel mildly exhausted and as if I haven't accomplished anything.


I probably should have mentioned in the previous post ...

....... that as part of the grand opening (and that's a relative term) of my little etsy store, I will be giving away a free surprise with every purchase.
The surprise will be something sewn, either a little pouch or a little bag.
Maybe one of these:

or one of these ......


Announcing the grand opening ......

....... of my little ety store - finally.
And little is the operative word here because, as I type this, there are only 4 items listed in the store. But I'll add more as time allows.
I didn't realize it would take so long to get a listing ready - there are pictures to be taken (and, sometimes, retaken), they have to be edited; there are descriptions to be written. And, of course, all that comes after the actual sewing.
So, I've finally taken the plunge. If anybody sees anything that needs changing or could be improved (and be gentle here, please), let me know.

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