Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

Dayna Whitmer of the Bridge Rail Foundation has been working on this website for a long time. She and her family lost Matthew, 20, in November of 2007, but, since no body has ever been found, he is considered a missing person.
I honestly do not know how one can deal with all Dayna has had to go through, but I can well understand why she is doing all that she is doing. As irrational as it sounds and obviously is, I thought for months if I just did the right thing, Henry would be back, or, at least, this hell would be over.
It's amazing what one can learn to live with.


Anonymous said...

You give yourself agreements -- if I do this, that will happen. And there's a lot of things that doesn't work for.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Yes, Marilee, I found that out quickly. But, then again, I always knew. I was just hoping and I was a little bit (?) crazy for a while.