I'm sure my faithful readers (both of them) have noticed that I've changed my blog template and have worked a little on the header. I'm mulling that one over in my mind trying to get it just right but I'm not there yet.
I want to let people know that this is an eclectic blog (very much so) and that I realize my writing about suicide so much is turning quite a few people off. But, you know, it's something I have to do and will continue to do. Because (and here's the answer to my question above) if we/I don't talk about it and make people aware that it can happen to anyone at the drop of a hat, don't look for ways to change things, things will not change for the better.
Not so long ago, cancer was something we didn't talk about. That has changed and with that has come better awareness, better recognition, earlier treatment and saved lives.
Well, it seems that mental illness and suicide are the new cancer. If we don't talk about it, we can pretend it doesn't exist (because it's uncomfortable, isn't it?) and maybe it'll just go away. It won't. Suicide rates are on the rise and the scary thing is suicide completers and attempters are getting younger all the time. Maybe if we address the problem, become more aware, know more about it, learn about the warning signs, we can help. We can help recognize who's at risk, help people get treatment (and there are treatments) and prevent unnecessary deaths. It's worked for cancer, why not for suicide?


Anonymous said...

I think cancer and suicide are sufficiently different that they can't be treated entirely the same, but certainly getting information out about suicide will help. I think another big thing that will help is educating the rest of the population that almost all people who are stopped from killing themselves the first time, never try again. The common saying "They'll just do it again" is not true. If you stop someone, you've probably saved their life indefinitely.

We recently had two teens die in a suicide pact. They were an inter-racial couple and their fathers told them to stop dating. They felt that if they couldn't date, they might as well be dead. If they'd had counseling (they were seniors), they might be alive now. (And of course, if their fathers weren't racist.)

Beady Zoo said...

I like the openness of your new blog template -- more space for photos and posts. Your header explains your reasons for blogging, and I enjoy eclectic blogs. If readers are "turned off" by serious, important subjects like suicide mixed in with crafts and beautiful photos, c'est le vie. It's your blog, your life, and I hope you're writing for you, and not just for an unseen audience.

In response to your header question "why," my answer is "why not." The more aware we are of suicide and/or the warning signs, the more people will be helped before it is too late.