It seems as if I've done nothing but sew, take pictures and edit lately. Okay, the last two happened only in the last couple of days, but the sewing has been going on for weeks. All for a custom order and the etsy shop. I spent many, many hours over the last two days listing new bags and I so need a break. Seriously, I - who absolutely love to sew - cannot stand to look at the sewing machine at the moment.
So, a bit of a break is in order. Maybe some chainmaille? Maybe some PMC - my daughter asked for a couple of specific things for Christmas. I really ought to make soap but I can't get myself to do that, either. There'll be some disappointed people this year.
Maybe a good night's sleep, some serious exercise (that's fallen by the wayside, too) and I'll feel differently about the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

People can't expect you to always make the same things -- do what you want! Off to look at the etsy site...