Houses in color

Just to show that I have interests other than sewing and suicide, here are some pictures of houses I took a couple of days ago. The two colorful ones are to be found on the way from the library to one of the grocery stores - if one doesn't take the direct route (which I often do) and they are diagonally across from each other on street corners. Nice and colorful, aren't they? Two bright Victorians in a sea of neutral Craftsman bungalows.
The third one is kind of milquetoast by comparison, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

We have some bright Victorians in Old Town -- most of them are B&Bs -- but the others are older than Craftsmen.

Beady Zoo said...

Oh I love those brightly colored houses! Another thing that I miss about living in San Francisco and the Bay Area. A couple older neighborhoods here have a few colorful houses, but nothing like these.