Not too bad

The idea for this post came to me last week, a few days after I started cleaning out my closet yet again. I do this regularly and just as regularly, I end up putting back a lot of things that are "not too bad." I did it again this time. Maybe that's how I ended up with an overly full closet that contains mostly Tshirts in shades of white, black and gray (never mind that I'm supposed to "Always wear a touch of gray"). I simply cannot do it - get rid of multiples (and I have lots of those. I'm a "uniform dresser.") or things that fit but are not quite the right color or vice versa.

The picture above is another example of "not too bad." I had to settle for this because by the time I took out the dog and fed him, most of the fog had dissipated and this was all that was left. But this picture is a lot better than 50 or so short sleeve white Tshirts, eh?


mjlayman said...

Definitely better! I like the way the fog lays down in the depressed area.

abeadlady said...

I love atmospheric pictures like this.