Third Annual Bridge Visit

I told somebody recently that we would be on that bridge every year on the anniversary of Henry's death until that suicide barrier is finally constructed.
It almost didn't happen this year: Larry was sick, very sick. We suspected food poisoning at first but, since I came down with it 2 days later, it was obviously a stomach bug.
He thought he could make it, but he just wasn't in any shape to leave the house on Saturday. So, I drove myself. What you have to know here is that I am a very reluctant highway driver - there are certain places I drive myself but mostly because I've gone there so often, it's not a big deal anymore. But I've never driven to the bridge by myself. All went well, though, although I went early hoping to avoid heavy traffic and, therefore, wasn't on the bridge at the right time.
I had to dodge many bicycles on my way out of the parking lot (on Saturdays, the Western walkway is open to bicycles) and many, many more girl scouts on the other side (it's the annual bridging ceremony - from the Wikipedia site: "Most notable is the bridging ceremony held in San Francisco as Juniors bridge to Cadettes over the Golden Gate Bridge. The girls bridging walk across a bridge (sometimes literally or symbolically) to their new level and are greeted with the Girl Scout Handshake.).
I dropped the rose petals I had collected and the forget-me-nots I had grown just for this purpose, took a few pictures (and had a total stranger take a picture of me) and then drove home.
Tonight, we hand out the first scholarship and I'm it - I offered (foolishly) to make the short speech this year and since I made a very miraculous recovery after being sicker than I could remember ever having been before, I will just have to do it. This year, we'll be awarding at 3 schools, next year, only at 2. We are cutting our ties with the school Henry attended for a variety of reasons. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

I hope the suicide barriers go up soon so you don't have to go so often. Good luck with the presentations!