No, don't cue the Beatles song. It's not that sort of post.
I thought I was finally ready to read Henry's emergency room report. So, I dug out the envelope yesterday and opened it and pulled out the thick wad of papers all the while dreading what might be there.
I didn't get far, leafed through it, got hung up on word I didn't know, found the bit about "blunt force trauma to the left side" and decided to abandon the whole thing.
Obviously, in order to really understand everything, I'd need the help of somebody either in the medical profession or very familiar with medical jargon. That part wouldn't be a problem. What will be a problem is the lack of a thick skin. Wish one could grow those.

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mjlayman said...

If you can't find anybody closer to help with the ER report, I can do that. I can see that it will be difficult emotionally, though.