The rock that didn't last

Ever since somebody told me about this beach on the Marin Headlands where you can find rocks with holes that are suitable for wearing on a necklace, we've been looking for those rocks. The beach is Rodeo Beach and the rocks are not easy to find.
But, a couple of weeks ago, I did find one with a perfect hole. Unfortunately, it's much too big to wear as jewelry, but I liked the looks of it, so it came home with me.
This morning I picked it up - it's been sitting on the rail of the deck out back - and it literally fell to bits. Obviously, a case of failure to thrive outside its natural habitat.


abeadlady said...

How odd that it fell apart. Cool rock, though. Your photos are getting more awesome by the day. Love what you are doing.

mjlayman said...

Maybe it needs salt. I can see it would be neat to have at home, though.