Hacked and snubbed

First I'd like to apologize for not posting much these days. There really doesn't seem to be anything to write about at this time. Let's see how that goes in the future, shall we?
I'm sure we've all heard about those Chinese hackers. Would you believe they hacked into my gmail account? I couldn't imagine why they'd want to read my oh-so-exciting emails but they apparently did. Google keeps warning me that my account has been hacked with a bright red pop-up. I've already done everything recommended and there was just the one incident and I think it's probably related to my eBay shopping history. I've been buying quite a few things from China in the last couple of months. Hmmmmm ...........
The snubbing is something that occurred at the end of the last school year and I won't go into details in public (I'd be happy to explain in an email, though). The result of it is that we have decided not to hand out our scholarship at Henry's high school any longer. We're moving it to the public high schools in Napa from now on. I feel good about this decision but it took a lot of discussion and doubt and second guessing to finally arrive at this point.

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Anonymous said...

Hacking is definitely not fun. And one reason I don't use gmail, because a lot of their email gets hacked.

I think the decision to give the scholarship to the public school is a good one. If Henry's school is rude, they should lose it.

(I was wondering where you were!)