Jumper saved by surfer

My husband called me on his way home from work to tell me about a news story he had just heard: a student from Windsor, CA, was on a field trip with his class when he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge this morning. A nearby surfer paddled over and pulled him out and he was alive.
I couldn't find a link in any of the online news sources at the time, only on a surfer forum (second link), since then, they have added a link to the local CBS station. Both stories are essentially the same. Apparently, the kid was not suicidal but jumped on a dare. He is being evaluated in one of the local hospitals and has a broken tailbone and torn lung. That last bit concerns me because I know that the lung damage is what is so serious. I do very much hope this kid will be okay.
If it really turns out to have been a dare, I really, really hope the person(s) responsible will be dealt with severely. That's just going way too far.
And, of course, the comments in the surfer forum are the usual dumb*** ones we saw when the barrier was first being discussed.
It really, really is time to install that net. How many more people have to die before it becomes a reality?


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mjlayman said...

Jumped on a dare? What an idiot. I'm glad he didn't die, but now he'll be an example.