Accident in Jamieson Canyon


The accident referred to happened on a road I use on occasion. It's two lanes, no center divider and there have been far too many accidents. Originally, this was considered to have been caused by a blown tire on the big rig, then it was determined that the car veered over the center line. Now it's considered a suicide. How sad, especially since it involved so many other people (and I don't mean the ones inconvenienced by the traffic mess). In particular, the driver of the big rig who must be feeling horrible, it wasn't his fault. And how about all those other people whose cars were hit? Suicide is always terribly painful for the ones left behind and in this case the people affected and hurt weren't even related or known the the person who took his life.

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Anonymous said...

When people do this -- purposely hurting other people -- I always wonder why they hate others so much. I guess we'll never find out.