My video has audio again

Two years ago, I felt the need to make videos in Henry's memory. I'll be the first to admit that they are pretty amateurish, but I wasn't after art. I was interested in healing and those videos (actually, slideshows would be the correct term here) did their job.
I originally uploaded them to Facebook and they were up for a few weeks before Facebook noticed that I had used copyrighted music. A big No-No. They were taken down and I was sent sternly worded emails. Oooookay ..................
So, I uploaded them to youTube (where they have been ever since). YouTube, too, noticed that I had used copyrighted music, but they figured out a way to monetize that (there's a link on where to buy the album), except for one of the songs. "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead was removed and so, Henry's Last Journey, turned into a silent movie.
Big surprise today when I went to watch it (I do that on occasion) and there was audio again. I wonder if it'll stay or not.
Blogger won't let me put a direct link to it for some odd reason, but here's the link:


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