beautiful boy

I have been reading "beautiful boy - a father's journey through his son's addictions" by David Sheff over the last month or so. It's not a "read from first page to last in one go" kind of book. For me, it was yet more research. Mr. Sheff's son used meth mostly. Meth is incredibly hard to get off, the success rate is in the single digits.
I did get a lot of insight from the book, what it is like to live with an addict, the ups (rehab successfully completed) and downs (relapse), the hope that this time rehab has taken for good, what meth does, the way an addict lies, both to him/herself and to others, what to do and not to do, which rehab centers are good, how hard it is to get into a center, how hard it is on the family (that's what Al-Anon and Alateen are for) etc. etc. It seems to me that living with an addict is its own kind of hell, a hell with hope, but still hell.
I highly recommend this book to parents who suspect their child might be experimenting with drugs and I also recommend it to anybody who is even vaguely considering trying meth. Don't even think about it!

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