I have a food allergy .................

.......... and I have no idea what exactly I am allergic to - just yet :-(

I broke out in a very interesting but unattractive and itchy rash right after lunch today. I immediately called my doctor, was told to take some Benadryl (which I happened to have) and to come into the office this afternoon. She quizzed me in great detail about what I had eaten, whether I had ever eaten any of those things before and then sent me off to the lab for some blood work to be tested for MSG, chocolate and peanut allergies. I very much doubt I'm allergic to the last two. I eat peanuts all the time and have never had a problem. Chocolate I usually stay away from (fibrocystic condition) because it makes me hurt but I've never broken out in a rash from it before. But MSG is a possibility. Yes, I had Chinese food (and, no, it doesn't say "No MSG" on the menu). BUT, I have that often and have eaten at the same place quite a few times and have never had a problem. Although, the soup I had both last night and for lunch today was a slightly different variation of the soups I've had before. So, I am not allowed to eat the remaining leftover Chinese food for dinner (and I have no idea what to have instead) and have to wait for the results of the lab test. That'll be a while because my doctor is going on vacation. Should the results be negative, I'll have to see an allergy specialist for more tests.
Until then, I'm almost afraid to eat anything :-(

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