New Chain Maille

Here are some of the things I've finished lately.
The first is "Beez to Butterflies" which I've been working on for ages. I showed it in the beginning stages quite a while ago when I started it and couldn't work it without using lots of paperclips. Finally done!
The next is "Bike Chain" something else I've shown earlier. It got messed up a bit when I tumbled it - turned dark for some reason. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what caused it. I've tumbled it a couple more times since and it looks much better - not as good as it did originally, but I can live with this. I also changed clasps on it three times and have finally found one I really like.
The last one is "Foxtail" or "Full Persian" - a relatively quick weave - once one can see where the rings are supposed to go. I used another box clasp. Those are fast becoming my favorites which isn't such a good thing - they are kind of pricey.
I also finished several "Orbital Chain" projects but they don't lend themselves to scanning - it requires tension on both ends for the weave to show properly.
The earrings I finished last week will go up next, soon, I hope.

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Anonymous said...

I like those, but I particularly like the bike chain! I don't know if this is any cheaper, but there's http://www.starsclasps.com.