Chain Maille Earrings

Here are some of the earrings I finished lately - there are a few more to come. They still need dangly things on the bottom - and I'm resisting pretty hard because I'm not a "dangly things on the bottom" person, but they look a bit unfinished without.
The first pair is "Butterfly" and I wonder whether they need danglies. Next is "Half Butterfly", third is "Pheasible" - a really fast and easy weave. Those are the ones I wear almost constantly which is probably why the wires are crooked. The last one in the top row is another "Half Butterfly."
The first pair in the second row is "European 4-in-1 Rosettes" and they really only look good lying down. Once I put them on, they tend to curl in on themselves, very frustrating. Next is "Double Vision" - quick and easy. Third is "Grape Cluster," another 4-in-1 variation. The last ones are "Shaggy Loops" and I wonder if they need more danglies. I almost think every dangling ring needs it's own crystal. Easy enough to fix.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how they would look with just a loose ring in the bottom rings.