Update on the baby fish

We released the baby fish - black skirt tetras - from the baby net a couple of days ago. There are about 16 - 18 of them left (they don't exactly stay still for counting), originally there were 30 or so. It took me 3 sessions for a total of 2 hours to scoop as many as I could out of the aquarium into the baby net. A little more than half surviving isn't bad. And they have grown quite a bit, they are now more than 1/2 inch across which should be too big for the adult fish to try and eat them. They used to be little dark blobs with big googly eyes and it took a few weeks before we could tell that they were tetras.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you need a bigger aquarium for when they get bigger?

Henry's Mom said...

Yes, sort of. But we really don't have room for a bigger aquarium. We have to see if we can find a different solution.