I'm having fun!

Last Sunday, I took a class called "Metal Manipulation" from Kriss Silva. Among other things, I learned to use bezel wire as a decorative element and how to make rivets using wire. My riveted pieces look a little too wonky to show the general public but I'm quite proud of my bezel-embellished bead. I plan on making more.

This morning I decided to finally use what I learned in a class last year and make spiral rings. Lisa Claxton taught that class and I enjoyed it a lot but never got around to making more than the 2 rings we made in class. Finally, I dug out my instructions, wire, torch and all the tools I needed and spent the whole morning hammering, torching, shaping, oxidizing and polishing. I obviously had too much fun, I almost missed lunch. The rings are tumbling as I type - fine silver is too soft to wear without some form of hardening. I know they won't scan but if I can figure out how to take a good picture, I just might post them here, too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, great job! I think you're having fun!