Ferry trip to San Francisco

We used to take the ferry into San Francisco fairly regularly but haven't done so in over 18 months. Doesn't help that we have to make arrangements to leave the little dog somewhere.
But, this past Saturday, we finally got to go again and I took along the camera. Unfortunately, I managed to erase some of the better pictures but blogger only lets me upload so many, anyway, so it's not that big a deal.
It wasn't a really good day for taking pictures (too hazy/overcast) but that helped to keep the temperature down and, besides, there's photoshop to fiddle with contrast.
The first and last pictures are the back and front of an old lighthouse/bed & breakfast on a little island in the bay - East Brother Lighthouse, California at Lighthousefriends.com.
The next one is of Angel Island which used to be an immigration station. Haven't visited it yet but hope to soon.
Next is the view from the ferry including Coit Tower.
And picture No. 4 is the Golden Gate Bridge with Alcatrez in the foreground. Haven't visited there yet, either.
I'll have to take pictures of the farmer's market at the Ferry Building next time. It's one reason to visit - not just fresh, but very interesting produce, lots of organic things and the absolute best bread ever. One of the few places Della Fattoria - http://www.dellafattoria.com/ - sells a really good selection, even better than at their bakery in Petaluma.
Across the street from the Ferry Building, is Justin Herman Plaza where people are selling arts and crafts and last Saturday, somebody held a rather noisy sort of tent revival. This one was of the Christian nature. We heard that it varies, anything from Buddhists chanting to gospel.
Inside the Ferry Building - http://www.ferrybuildingmarketplace.com/ - are various restaurants, gourmet foodstores and plenty of other things to keep one busy. My favorite place is Ciao Bella - http://www.ciaobellagelato.com/ - gelato and sorbets.
I think we'll be going again soon!


mjlayman said...

Oh, that looks like a lot of fun! Good pictures!

Henry's Mom said...

Thank you, Marilee,
It was fun and I'm amazed the pictures turned out okay. It's not easy finding firm footing on a ferry at full speed. I had to hold the camera with both hands so I couldn't hold onto the rail at the same time. Hazard pay comes to mind! :-)