I've been flocked

The first things I saw this morning when I came down the stairs to take the little dog for a walk were pink flamingoes. They weren't a total surprise, I had asked to be flocked (this is the way the youth group of our church raises funds during the summer) rather than having the flamingoes planted in somebody else's yard. I just didn't expect them to show up so soon. I'd only made the arrangement by phone last night.

There was a nasty letter to the newspaper editor in the paper last summer, somebody rather grumpy thought it was a horrible idea. But I like it. It involves no calories, I don't have to buy things I have no use for, I get to support a great group of young people and I find it tremendously amusing. Maybe I should have them decorate the rest of my yard. Or, maybe not :-)

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Anonymous said...

LOL Yes, this is definitely the way to do it -- birds on the lawns of people who want them!