Chained to the sewing machine

Or so it seems this week. I think I've spent hours every day sewing ..... well, except for that day I took DH to the hospital for a test. But even that afternoon, while he was sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia, I was working on my little bags.
There will be an update to the etsy shop really soon - as soon as I get to take pictures (which I don't like much) and edit them (which I really dislike) and upload everything.
And, yes, there will be some triangle/pyramid bags - finally.
As soon as I'm done with my custom order, I'm going to play. So many idea, just no time right now.
Back to the sewing machine. That chain isn't long enough ............
Oh yeah ..... "Happy Halloween, everybody." Still gotta get ready for that, too. I'm "stealing" some of the little plastic rings meant for little girls. They are just too cute, in a hippy sort of way. And I can always put them back into the pot next year.


Anonymous said...

Cool, new bags! I'm giving out the fun-size butterfingers, and my upstairs neighbor is stopping this year. I may shorten the giving period because I woke up with back pain and it's just getting worse.

Katie B said...

Wheeeeee !!!
Bags for me to buy !!!
Can't wait !