The first serious rainstorm of the season

A real frog strangler - where even the dog who usually has to sniff every other blade of grass when he goes out for a bathroom break didn't venture much past the steps leading down to the yard. Quickest pit stop ever.
Where we've had at least 4" of rain as of almost 1 pm. How do I know? No, I don't have a rain gauge. But our yard waste gets picked up at about 6:30 am every Tuesday morning and it was raining so hard that I waited until 10 minutes ago to roll the trash cans up to the house. The trash people left the lid open and there were a good 4" of water sloshing around in the bottom of the can. Do you have any idea how heavy that is? I had to haul the can up the house and dump it all out and, of course, all the trash cans were standing in several inches of water in the street. I needed dry socks and pants after that little adventure.
No leaks so far - we have a good roofer - but I think one of the downspouts is disconnected and it's the one right next to the bedroom window. Sounds like machine gun fire on the roof below. Not conducive to sleep. I sure hope the rain slows down dramatically by the time I go to bed.
Yes, I know we need rain - it doesn't rain here in the summer and we're in the third year of a drought - but does it have to be so much all at once? It's not that big a problem here. I don't expect flooding but in all those areas with the bad wildfires there are bound to be mudslides. There already are evacuations ordered in some of those ares.
So, please, a little less rain for now, spread it out over the whole rainy season, please.

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Anonymous said...

The gutter above/near the bedroom window could be full, too. That would also make it flow over onto the lower part. We're having one of our weeks of fall -- 70F today and 46F tomorrow -- and not enough rain.