The flea market that almost didn't happen

The first Sunday of the month is flea market in Alameda. I wasn't so sure the first two times, but after that I began to enjoy myself and to look forward to it.
So, when there was an obviously distressed dog barking up a storm and throwing itself against a fence late on Saturday night, I wasn't too happy. After all, we were planning in getting up early and that required getting to bed early. It took a while to figure out that the dog noises were actually coming out of our yard and quite a while more that it was a neighbor's dog that had managed to crawl under the fence but couldn't find his way back out. The neighbor wasn't home, animal control didn't want to come but suggested we wait until morning because, surely, the dog would come out by itself. Not a good idea. Not only did this dog make a tremendous fuss (and was in danger of hurting itself by throwing itself hard against the fence), but his buddy on the other side of the fence wasn't happy either. And we wanted to get some sleep.
Eventually, the neighbors came back home and realized their dog was missing. Animal control came at the same time they came and quite a bit past my usual bedtime everything was resolved.
We did get an early start but had to backtrack to get a missing wallet which wasted almost an hour. By the time we got to Alameda, the line crawling into the parking lot was 1/2 mile long.
My favorite fabric vendor was there, but I didn't find the china I was looking for. Something to look for next month and the month after and the one after that.
Here, in no particular order are some images:

And this is why we pass on the very tempting donuts - see? I got them as they are being flipped out of the fryer.

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Anonymous said...

In general, all donuts get flipped out of the fryer -- it drops some of the oil. I liked the hats!

I was up two hours early today, knowing that going to bed early never works, so when I got home, Spirit and I slept on the recliner for 3.5 hours.