Notes from a small studio

Apologies to Bill Bryson for paraphrasing his "Notes from a Small Island" - it seemed too good not to do it.
Most of what I show here is sewing, isn't it? It's easy to photograph and it's colorful.
But, especially these days, I spend quite a bit of time in what used to be Henry's bedroom which has been converted into my studio, okay, the other studio, the one where I work with metal, PMC and now enamel.
I took a class last month and fell in love with it again. Again, because I enameled when I was a young teenager. Back then I used a kiln, now I use a torch. Back then I enameled as part of a group at the local YMCA every Wednesday afternoon. I was taught the basics, could ask for help if I needed it and made nice little pieces - none of which I have anymore. Now I'm on my own - no classes within easy driving distance. So, I experiment quite a bit. I don't apply my enamel powder wet anymore, I sift it on. I play with transparent powders and, for some strange reason, most transparent blues come out looking very much the same. I play with different undercoats - clear, quill white (which is a more translucent white) and undercoat white, an opaque white. I find it interesting to see how different the transparent colors look on the different undercoats.
The last two days, I've played with texture and doming. Tremendous fun, but a little frustrating trying to get the powder to stick on the convex surfaces (or the concave ones for that matter).
I know I should take daily notes so I'll know what I did where but, so far, all I do is to write which colors I've used, put my pieces in tiny baggies and staple those notes to it.
I'm not planning on doing anything fantastic or artistic. I like the organic look of most of my pieces. There are thin spots where the color differs from the rest of it and all my pieces are small - suitable for earrings or small pendants that lend a splash of color, about as much color as I wear most days :-)
Nothing to show just yet, not because I don't have anything, but because photographing anything this small requires that I set up one of the "better" cameras (on my tripod) and play with lighting (gooseneck lamps) and, for right now, I'd rather play upstairs than mess with a camera.
Soon, though.


mjlayman said...

I'm looking forward to pictures!

Katie B said...

I'm really curious -- esp with your descriptions.
You make me see pieces that could be used as cabs -- with textures and colors and FEELINGS.
Or even with some kind of shank that oculd be used as a button to hold a bracelet together.
You KNOW I must see!

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Pictures to follow - eventually. I'm a) not having enough time to actually play and b) I'd much rather play than photograph.