A real tour de force

Here is the last (or second) slide show/video in the trilogy. The idea for it (the trilogy) came to me shortly after I finished my digital camera class last fall and learned to make slide shows. I had all those pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge taken over the last 4 years and it seemed a shame not to do something with them. The idea for this and the other two videos rattled around in my head for months. There was a trip to the bridge to take additional pictures (for the previous video), but I was very reluctant to get started on all this.
With the fourth anniversary coming up next Sunday, I set myself a deadline: finish all this and a blog that's invitation only (The Diary of a Suicide). That one isn't quite done yet, but what remains is just editing.
So, once that is done, I am done. No more serious videos. I will still continue with suicide awareness, of course. And who knows what else will happen.
There have been so many changes in the last 4 years. I even got a tattoo for Henry (he'd hate it as he would all the rest of it). But - you gotta do what you gotta do.

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