Maybe we should just let them?

Yesterday, I came across the comment above - Maybe we should just let them - from somebody I know and actually like quite a bit. Rather than being shocked, the way I used to be, I rolled out all the usual arguments: There are studies showing that people prevented from taking their lives, very often do not go on to find another venue or another means; only 6% of those prevented from jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge did go on to take their lives; it's an impulsive act and given time and a chance, people will more often than not change their minds; everybody who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge and survived and talked about it said that the instant they let go they decided they wanted to live; and it's not the same as euthanasia, it's not an informed decision.
But the short and, what I think perfect, answer didn't come to me until this morning:
Would you still feel this way if the person trying to take their life was your child, your spouse or somebody else very close to you?

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