A bittersweet day for many of us

My husband and I just came back home from attending a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge Authority. Today was all about approving a funding plan for the suicide barrier.
It's been over 6 years of being involved in all this for us, 6 years of talking, writing, signing petitions, visiting politicians' offices, arguing with opponents (more L than I, I don't have a thick enough skin for that), pestering friends and family for help with petitions.
The barrier, a marine grade steel net under the bridge, was approved in September of 2008, but there was no way to fund it. That's been an ongoing struggle.
Today's meeting was very emotional. There was a wonderful speech by California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who has been in favor of a barrier for a long time, there were emotional speeches by people who have lost loved ones to bridge suicides and speeches by at least two directors. All urging to board to vote in favor of the funding plan.
The vote was a unanimous "yes."
It will be at least 3-4 years before the net is in place. Bids will have to be submitted, the work will have to be done - safely - and, hopefully, then there will not be any more suicides from this bridge.

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