If it isn't one thing ................

So, yesterday we had a very panicky e-mail from my sister-in-law: her stepfather had had a mild stroke, was in the hospital for an MRI and my mother-in-law who can hardly see any more drove the car into a curb. Thankfully, by evening everything had been sorted out, it really is just a mild stroke and my mother-in-law has promised not to drive again and to make arrangements for some help. Oh, I guess I should mention that they live in Florida and we all live in California.
This morning, I had e-mail from my sister telling me that our mother died yesterday. Not unexpected.
I wonder when the other shoe will drop -- or was this the other shoe?

On the good side, though: we bought the coolest kitchen table on Saturday. I'll post a picture as soon as I figure out how to :-) Of course, it's still sitting in the entrance hall because we cannot figure out where to put the old kitchen table. And, of course we may well need new chairs to go with the new table. And, the nice and colorful new table requires a neater house. So, I am trying very hard to overcome my packrat mentality and clean out all the accumulated books, magazines and assorted papers. Not a fast and/or easy task.
I am also almost finished with another chain maille bracelet, a two tone bike chain, a variation of Olivia. Picture to follow. I signed up for many, many chain maille classes this semester and am really looking forward to all of them.


Anonymous said...

Please know that you are getting lots and lots of cyber hugs from me on the East Coast. May whatever power there may be, take care of you.

Anonymous said...

You fixed it! I suppose I can wait for your expert to turn up so I can see the table. ;)