Nasty day

It's cold, wet and very windy, the perfect day to stay inside and just play around. I overslept because I was listening to the wind during the night - and it was pretty scary. There's a tree in the neighbor's yard that's missing its top. I'd say that means it is pretty windy.

Anyways, playing around meant taking the memory stick out of Henry's camera to see what was on there. Lots of nature pictures from a science project and a few pictures he obviously took of himself. I am absolutely thrilled about those. We have so few recent pictures of him (and, yes, we'd much rather have him than any old picture but that's not an option). So, I cleaned up one of them and posted it everywhere I can think of (I have a memorial site for him on myspace and somebody made one for him on facebook). Here it is - late summer 2006. A bit dark but who cares.

For somebody who was so reluctant to start a blog because she thought she wouldn't have anything to say, I certainly seem to post an awful lot.

Watch for some chain maille to go up next. Finished a bracelet yesterday and need to oxidize and tumble about half a dozen others. That will take a while, though.

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you found more pictures of Henry.