Box bags galore

I am probably going just a little overboard with the sewing right now but it's fun and I have the supplies. My daughter gave me a few of the bags she had made, sent me a link to a tutorial and I've been slaving away over a hot sewing machine ever since. It took me a couple of tries before I was really happy with what I was doing - that's where the second tutorial came in handy. I prefer assembly line sewing - several bags at the same time with the same color thread - something I learned a long time ago when I was still quilting.

So, here is most of what I've been working on the last week. Some of those are mine - the red sneaker fabric definitely is - some of them will be presents, some I can be talked out of. There will be more, I just ordered/bought plenty more fabric, and there will be a give away on the 9 month birthday of this blog in mid-October.
And, yes, I know I should have cropped the last picture a bit more but it shows the artichokes already growing, our backyard and a bit of the valley behind our yard. Today's a nice day!


mjlayman said...

They do look cool! Be sure to get up from the sewing machine and eat!

abeadlady said...

Those bags are the greatest! How clever you are. No wonder you haven't had time for much else. I'll echo Marilee, " Take care of yourself".