Cautiously optimistic

Last night, I had an email from Dave Hull, the president of the BridgeRail Foundation. Good news! The votes are starting to go our way. Last time I heard, 75% of people who voted on the poll were against a suicide barrier of any kind. Now it's down to 62%. Definitely a step in the right direction.
BUT, we still need more votes.
All those emails we've been sending out pestering people we know are obviously starting to bring results. Too bad I don't know more people.
Just in case, anybody reading this would like to help:

Here is a link to see the various proposed designs:

And here is where you get to vote:

And here's a link to the homepage:

And if you have another 5 minutes to spare, please sign the petition the Whitmer family started
Their son Matthew disappeared in November 2007 and is believed to have jumped but no body has ever been found. Not unusual, the current under that bridge is very strong.

If you have friends you could contact and ask to vote as well, I'd be very grateful.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's turning! I sure hope it turns more.