San Francisco Magazine

I've been debating for a few days whether I should link to this article or not and decided to do it after all.
We talked to a journalist this past summer about Henry. She wanted to write about teenage suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge and explains why in the beginning of her article. It's a long article, "amazingly awkward" to read, according to my friend Marilee (and I fully agree) but it's well written and get quite a few points across.
I can't get the direct link to work - and I don't think it's me - so here is a link to the cover of the magazine:
Modern Luxury - Digital Editions
Either page through to page 127 for the beginning of the article, or go to 138 for the bit about Henry, or go to contents and click on "Gone."


abeadlady said...

Can't quit crying. How hard that must have been for you to read. You are constantly in my prayers.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you, Arline. More to follow by email.

Katie B said...

Doris, there aren't words. I can not comprehend what you have gone through. My heart is with you and you have my love from a distance.
I wish it was more.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you, Katie! So much!