J.P. Morgan - customer service? I don't think so.

So, I left around 9:30 am to run errands this morning. My husband was on the phone already at that time waiting to talk to somebody at J.P. Morgan about a problem with his credit card. When I came home almost 2 hours later, he was still waiting to talk to a customer service representative. He gave up at 11:30 am because he has better things to do and the phone battery was beginning to run out.
Why do companies do that? Put you on hold when it's quite obvious that nobody is going to answer the phone? I realize it's the holiday season and people have time off. Why not just put a notice on there saying that there's nobody available to help you and to call back after New Year's? Two hours really seems excessive to me.


Anonymous said...

Heh. I may run out of a med before they get it to me because they're so far behind. Not an important one, fortunately.

And I took my hangtag in to the DMV on the 22nd because it had delaminated enough that it wouldn't stay on the mirror. The guy gave me a temporary paper one and said the new one would come in the mail. Well, it hasn't come yet, and the paper one dies on Friday, so I may spend part of Friday at the DMV getting another peper one.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

How frustrating, Marilee. I hope you'll get your meds and your tag before you run out/it expires.

Katie B said...

Keep trying -- and ratchet it up to the next level. Ask for a supervisor and complain. Then ask for a manager.
I'm getting better about this. (You don't want to know the battle I had with BC/BS a few years ago. I kept track of the phone calls and faxes (over 60 phone calls and over 20 faxes). I got results when I told them I was reporting them to the insurance commission AND to the local Senator and Congressman).
Customer service is customer service. And I tell them that I DO have a choice!

ps: Happy New Year !!

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Katie, The matter was resolved by email, never could get anybody to answer the phone.

Anonymous said...

And my meds arrived today, but it looks like the DMV on Monday for me (it was closed on Friday).

Anonymous said...

Hangtag came!